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Erotiqua community

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A community about the erotic side of life. Feel welcome to expose yourself by posting your own photographs. There will be no harsh reviewing of pictures, especially based on looks. There's no jury. This is no beauty contest and we appreciate that different people have different tastes. But feel free to shower each other with compliments! Posting is for members only, because there are enough communities where people are insulted by 'trespassers' after they mustered up the courage to post pictures of themselves. Also feel free to discuss anything you wouldn't discuss with your mother. Erotic photography, films, books.. Talk about the marquis de Sade, Pauline Réage, Anaïs Nin or Jenna Jameson. One of your sex toys exploded? Tell each other all about it. You have a story to tell? Tell it. If you have a question, ask around. The moderators will try to make sure that lurkers, creeps and 60-year old men posing as teenage girls are kept out. All entries are automatically friends only, so no outsider can read them. And there is also no place here for anything to do with children or animals.
Oh, and naturally this community is 18+.

This community is maintained by keita_delwyn.
Please mail to erotiqua @ shadowtime.net for questions.

Join now!! (moderated membership)

Community rules:

  • Be nice!

  • Images wider than 425 pixels must be put behind a lj cut to preserve the community's layout.

  • Post and comment in English only please. This is an international community.

  • You must post something within a month after your subsciption. This may be anything; something about yourself, some picures, favorite movie scene etc.
    We check new members every month on the 15th, members that don't appply to this rule will be deleted.

  • If you have been deleted, don't request membership again. If you want to come back, email me first and PROMISE you'll post as soon as you are accepted again. Two strikes and you're out for good.

  • We no longer accept journals that are less than a month old. Feel fee to come back later.

  • We don't allow lurkers. Here's our lurker policy:
    • You only have x-rated communities in your friends list and no actual people.

    • You have a huge amount of friends listed and none of them added you back. We don't like serial adders.

    • You have a LJ for over a month, never posted anything and never replied to anyone.

    • You have no info whatsoever available about you.

    • Your year of birth isn't stated. We need to know if you're 18+. If you do not wish to publish this in your info, you can let us know privately.

    • If one or more of these points apply to you, you won't be allowed to join erotiqua!
  • Enjoy!

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    Please help us promote (y)our erotiqua community!!

    You can use this code wherever you want, you don't need to upload the banner:

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