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The Guest

Nothing is changed: against the dining-room windows
hard grains of whirling snow still beat.
I am what I was
but a man came to me.

"What do you want?" I asked.
"To be with you in hell," he said.
I laughed, "It's plain you mean
to have us both destroyed."

He lifted his thin hand
and lightly stroked the flowers:
"Tell me how men kiss you,
tell me how you kiss."

His torpid eyes were fixed
unblinking on my ring.
Not a single muscle stirred
in his clear, sardonic face.

Oh, I see: his game is that he knows
intimately, adrently
there's nothing from me he wants,
I have nothing to refuse

(Anna Akhmatova)

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Jan 1st, 1914.

Akhmatova is always brilliant.