Nocturn:qua (nocturniqua) wrote in erotiqua,

Welcome to Erotiqua

This community is members only.
Entries are visible only to members; so join now!
Please make sure you follow up our rules.

Erotiqua, a community about the erotic side of life.
Feel welcome to expose yourself by posting your own photographs.
There will be no harsh reviewing of pictures, especially based on looks. There's no jury. This is no beauty contest and we appreciate that different people have different tastes. But feel free to shower each other with compliments!

Also feel free to discuss anything you wouldn't discuss with your mother.
Erotic photography, films, books..
Talk about the marquis de Sade, Pauline Réage, Anaïs Nin or Jenna Jameson.
One of your sex toys exploded? Tell each other all about it.
You have a story to tell? Tell it.
If you have a question, ask around.

"Erotiqua" is for members only, because there are enough communities where people are insulted by 'trespassers' after they mustered up the courage to post pictures of themselves.
The moderators will try to make sure that lurkers, creeps and 60-year old men posing as teenage girls are kept out. And there is also no place here for anything to do with children or animals.
Oh, and naturally this community is 18+.
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