Mark W. Van Dyke (symian) wrote in erotiqua,
Mark W. Van Dyke

I am a natural voyeur. I have a been a "natural voyeur" ever since I heard a character in the movie "Lifeforce" describe themselves as such. It was one of those moments where you see, hear, or smell something, that makes you say "Yes! I understand now."

The words fit to me like a piece fits into a jigsaw puzzle. I had been looking for that piece, that verbal expression, for a very long time. It slid into place and became part of my personality.

That part of my personality does not lend itself to actions such as peeking through keyholes, hunting down open windows, using binoculars to spy on the neighbors, or secretly videotaping unsuspecting bathers.

No. If you saw the movie "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" you might understand me a little better. The film "Being There" also has a fond moment that fits well into the puzzle of me. These are good examples of shared intimacy, from a slight distance.

The beauty of the natural person - be it physical beauty, emotional beauty, or the secret beauty of the soul - This is what I prefer to see. To peer beyond the glitter of the practiced personality. To go beyond. To see beneath. To experience the giddy release of a once constrained, self-expression.

This is me.

Now... who are you?
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"Now... who are you?"

I'm the moderator who is very pleased with this beautiful piece.
Very recognizable, thanks for sharing!
I am very pleased that you appreciate my words. Thank you. :)

I must ask... on the community background... the photo of the lady in the grass. Where did it come from? It is stunning, and flawlessly beautiful.
I wish I could tell where it came from, but the background was designed by the previous moderator...
I do have the pic if you're interrested, but I can't tell you anything about it I'm afraid...